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Router & Saw Table Plans

You'll get a link to download a zip file with detailed plans, English and Spanish instructions, cutting list, etc. See description below.

Payment methods & How to download the plans

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More details

15,00 €

More info

Included with the plans:

-Instructions in English and Spanish.
-All accessories are included in the plans.

-Detailed drawings of every part of the Saw-Router Table.
-Escaled-printable plans of many parts in PDF and JPEG extension, A4 format.
-Full-scale Printable Templates of others parts in PDF extension, A3 format.
-Exploded measures of all parts and Cutting List.
-MaxCut file that you can create accurate cutting diagrams and costing's a free and easy to use CAD program.
-Autocad 3D model of the Saw-Router Table, which allows you to view the machine from any angle, disassemble it, reform it...and consulting measures or views on the tabs layouts.

-SketchUp 3D model of the Saw-Router table, which allows you to view the machine from any angle, disassemble it, reform it...SketchUp is a free, easy to use CAD program.
-Dxf files to Cam programs.
-The plans are a 32 megabyte Zip file (your computer, Mac or PC, already knows how to open zip files)
-Take your time to understand the plans, and how it works the machine.
-These plans are for my original Saw & Router Table, for Routers with 43mm Clamping Collar and a Makita 5903R Circular Saw, for other tools, you must be make changes surely.
-Plans are in metric units, you can generate plans in imperial units simply by changing the units to "imperial" in SketchUp under “window/model info", but the units will not work out to even numbers like they do in metric.
-In Autocad, under "format/units" you can change units easy.
-If you encounter any problems with the plans, feel free to contact me.

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