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Suso F.

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I made this post where I will write the links I'll find. Please share if you know a differente place where to find them:
Hexagonal Threaded Insert in America:
Buy on Usa
Buy on Usa

Hexagonal Threaded Insert in Europe:
Acquistare in Italia
Acheter en France
Buy on United Kingdom
Kaufen in Deutschland
Comprar en España


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Buenas Tardes

He encontrado este sitio que tiene las tuercas de embutir a un precio razonable con envío desde España.


Un saludo


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Hello - all the links for threaded inserts in Europe are Amazon links and the threaded inserts are not cheap. I looked around and found a business in Austria that ships to EU countries. Here is a link to the page with the Hexigonal threaded inserts. I bought from them a few times and they are excellent quality. https://estore-sslserver.eu/ronin.eu
They cost from about €7.30 to €10.00 for 100 pieces. Shipping is €9.80 to EU countries ( I live in Belgium and it's what they charge me. ) for what ever quantity you buy. — MA.314A0410 = M4 — MA.645A00506 MZ = M5 these you hammer in — MA-645A006014 Z = M6 these you hammer in — all the others state the "M" size that you choose. I hope this helps someone. The business is honest and you can pay them a number of ways.

Suso F.

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thank you for the information!


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Hi, If you are in the UK, Screwfix do these. They only sell M6 but 2 different lengths. Here is a link - screwfix.com



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Wow Steve, what a difference in price! Good find